Bruiser, a Pit Bull, came to DarnFar Ranch with many aggression issues.  Her aggression towards cats was at a lethal level - she intended to kill them.  Her aggression towards dogs was unpredictable and without provocation.  Her owners reported that she was aggressive towards people, especially kids riding bikes.  Many of Bruiser's issues stemmed from the fact that she had been chained as a standard form of management - and it was in the front of the house where people walked past and rode by her house on bicycles.  Chaining a dog often causes serious psychological issues.  Bruiser's pulling on lead problem was serious.  She was strong and determined to control who ever was holding the other end of her lead.  And, she had learned that, once her collar was removed, she was free to race off and possibly do some sort of damage.  So, her training included wearing two collars, so that when one was removed her behavior could still be checked by the other. 

Bruiser's owners also reported that she growled at them, especially around her food bowls and when she was given toys or chew bones.  Bruiser's owner stated that she was somewhat fearful of the dog, which most always leads to an unbalanced relationship.  It is unfortunate that Bruiser did not receive professional training until after she turned five years old.  She will always need impeccable management, and her owners will need to practice leadership with her on a daily basis.  But, after training at DarnFar, she had a fresh start, and so did her owners.





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