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Well before the concept of a Blog emerged, Tammie was offering advice on dog training, puppy rearing and sharing her opinion about all things dogs. Below you will find those articles. Some of the pieces are responses to questions she has received in email over the years. Others were originally written to share with puppy buyers. The remaining were written to provide anyone with a dog a perspective that might shed some light on solving a problem or developing a more enriched relationship with a companion dog. Several of the articles are over a decade old and may not represent our current position on the topic, but they are worth leaving intact as an historical perspective. This information is protected by copyright. If you would like to share it or reproduce it in any way, please contact us for permission.


Each week we receive many emails from folks who are struggling with training or other dog issues. We gladly post free, comprehensive advice here our on site. We simply do not have the time to answer all the questions we receive. If you do not find the information in these articles sufficient to address your specific needs, please feel free to explore our training options.