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DarnFar Ranch LLC Professional Dog Training
Changing the actions, aptitudes and attitudes of dogs and their people

Board & Train


Our approach to training employs a keen awareness of dogs as a very unique species - something that is missing from many of the contemporary methods and which allows for a non-food based training technique. Your dog is not a dolphin. He is the product of hundreds of years of selection to partner with humans. While dolphin training methods work on any animal, wild or domestic, there are methods that can and do work with dogs that cannot be applied to other species. Dogs have been developed to have a keen sense of belonging in our human social familes. We feel it is important to treat dogs with that understanding.


Our training methods are based on the sound principles of excellent communication, fairness and consistency, establishing and reinforcing boundaries and offering the dog the tranquility of strong leadership. But, unlike so many other canine professionals, we also understand training is only one component required to help a dog a fully integrated companion animal. Our approach provides the complete package because a dog doesn’t only need training. It also requires proper management and exceptional socialization to feel confortable, calm and happy. We are passionate about helping dogs become truly happy in their homes by helping their owners become exceptional leaders. The Human Element Along with our passion for dogs comes our dedication to educating their humans. There are some excellent dog trainers in the world. But, they often do not have the patience, skill or even the desire to deal with the more challenging component of the canine-human team. It is truly far easier to rehabilitate and train a dog than it is to teach a human how to be an exceptional leader for his/her canine companion. Our commitment to accomplish both tasks sets our program apart.

Board & Train Requirements

Dogs must be over six months of age Current on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella) Owner provides food, or pays +$1.00/day Drop-off & pick-up by appointment only We schedule B/T on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Failure to arrive within 30 minutes of your appointment may result in rescheduling Intact male dogs over 14 months - apply a $25/week extra handling fee No bitches in sesason during training $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your training spot $50/week aggressive/anti-social dog rate may be applied if you are not honest in your assessment of your dog’s true potential for aggression. 50% of the training fee (minus the $100 deposit) is due at drop-off, remainder due at pick-up.

No Need For Bribery or Bait

Although we recognize a place for food and toys in some aspects of a dog’s training, a dog trained at DarnFar Ranch will not require food bribery to willing obey commands. Our approach to dog training and socialization results in a highly compliant and happy dog without the need for treats. A collar and leash, exceptional timing along with calm confidence and the propery attitude are the primary components of our method. We prefer hands-on contact rather a “remote”/ electronic technique because, in our experience, dogs touch each other as an effective form of communication. We do not use electronic collars.


Typical "lack of self control" issues and lack of general training can be accomplished in this time frame Most exercises performed on a 6 foot lead, albeit many dogs are moving towards some off-lead work in this time. Dogs receive Socialization & proper Management plus these Trained skills: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come. Manners are addressed: jumping up, nipping issues, charging out doors, excessive barking Resolving cat or other animal chasing is initiated during this period. Dogs with aggression or other social issues are not suited for this two week session. Minimum age: 6 months. Two weeks minimum. $500/week

We can do what others

fail to accomplish

We often rehabilitate dogs that have been seen by other “trainers” or “behaviorists” who deemed the dog a “lost cause” or whose methods failed to resolve the dog’s issues. Do not give up on your dog because some “expert” tells you there is no hope or who has recommended actions which fail or even make the issue worse. Talk to us. See if what we say makes sense to you. Use your own brain and your own common sense and determine whether our apporach sounds reasonable. We expect you to question our methods and you can count on us to explain the rationale behind our processes. We are dedicated to teaching you and your dog with a method that is sensible, logical and which you can learn to perform.

EXTENDED PLAN (Three Weeks or More)

Typical "lack of self control" issues and lack of general training can be accomplished in this time frame Basic, two week training (above) plus additional education. Resolution of cat and other animal chasing, and more serious nipping / biting issues. Some exercises are performed off lead. Many psychological problems can be accomplished in this period, as well. This training time is more appropriate for some older dogs that have more ingrained bad habits and a subset of toy dogs that seem to believe they are the rulers of the universe (as toy dogs often take time to absorb the idea that they are not, in fact, top-dog). Minimum age: 6 months. $500/week


We specialize in working with dogs that have serious aggression and severe psychological issues, or have special needs (such as handicapped or deaf dogs). Our training, management and socialization program lends itself well to these sorts of dogs. We consider it our specialty. We must work more intensively with these dogs on a daily basis. Dogs that are required to enter the Anti-social /Aggressive program are: Dogs that believe they can control people or dogs with intimidation or force Dogs that have learned they can bite humans Dogs that are aggressive with other dogs or animals Dogs that display serious fear behaviors, which could include fear-aggression The program includes all of our basic canine education, plus exceptional re-programming / rehabilitation / socialization in the presence of distractions which would normally trigger the dog's anti-social behavior. Minimum age: 6 months. The minimal stay is three weeks and we reserve the right to assess the dog's progress and recommend additional time if necessary. $700/week
The Best Policy Please be honest with us when describing your dog's behavioral problems. If your dog believes that he can use his teeth to get his way, we need to spend time with intensive social reprogramming before we can begin standard training. Let us know about your dog's aggression problems so that we can help your dog. We can rehabilitate your troubled dog, but we will do that most efficiently and effectively if you inform us of your dog's issues so that we can schedule appropriate resources towards his care.
More Is Better Although we offer a two week, basic board and train option, a third week in our care with our training and management program can make a huge difference in your dog's overall education. The dogs that are with us longer are almost always superior in their skills and socialization than dogs that are here for just two weeks. Of course, two weeks with us is much better than no time at all (people often say things like, "it's a miracle" or "is this really my dog?"). But, if you are contemplating whether two weeks or three would be better for your pet, we will always recommend the longer stay. It's really not about the money - because we are booked out several weeks in advance and a kennel with a dog is bringing in income, whether it's here for two or three weeks. We can actually accommodate more clients if we circulate dogs through our program faster. But, that's is not our goal. When we say that "more is better," it's truly about the dog and making it easier for the owner to take over the training and management of the dog once it goes back to its home.
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Use the Enrollment Form to schedule training We will reply with available dates Send $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your training dates Bring the following to your drop-off appt o Your dog’s food o Vaccination records o 50% of the training fee, minus the deposit

$100 Board & Train Deposit

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