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DarnFar Ranch LLC Professional Dog Training
Changing the actions, aptitudes and attitudes of dogs and their people
Beginning in 1983, Tammie started a journey teaching first her own dogs, and then helping with the Beginner classes at a club in Chicago. After acquiring advanced level obedience titles (in the US and Canada) and attending many seminars and clinics, she began offering in-home lessons, started a Park District training class in her home town and worked at a local training school teaching a competition level course. This was done concurrently while working as a Biologist in a Fortune 200 Bio-Medical company. She also trained and trialed her first two Border Collies to advanced level herding titles during this time, earning multiple High In Trial awards. In 1994 Tammie acquired her first farm in southern Wisconsin where she began offering herding lessons and hosted herding events. Evening and weekend Obedience classes were offered in her training building. When she met Robert, he began training his first Border Collie for herding competitions and subsequently beat Tammie at his first trial! And so began their partnership with dogs. Robert and Tammie moved to Brownstown, their current location, in 2001, where they continued to expand their sheep raising venture and hosted a number of herding trials (AKC, AHBA and USBCHA). In 2002, Tammie ended her 20 year long career as a Biologist and she and Robert now dedicate 100% of their efforts to professional dog training. In 2004, they trained their first Service Dog for a local disabled person who requested their help. That spurred a Service Dog training program which, in 2011 officially became their second business, Committed Canine. Having worked with hundreds of dogs and their people, Robert & Tammie began offering anti-social / aggressive dog rehabilitation services within their Board & Train program. The experience required to appropriately accommodate the troubled cases sets DarnFar Ranch apart from most other dog training options. Nothing compares to years of hands-on experience with dogs and their people. Tammie's 20 years of working as a professional scientist in Coporate America along with Robert's 10 years working as a Trainer in the United States Marine Corp and additional years operating his own small businesses further enhances their portfolio; providing reasonable, logical, common-sense approaches that people can understand and put to use with their companion dogs.

Board & Train

You do not have to be an engineer or mechanic to drive a car. And, you don't need to be a seasoned dog trainer to own or handle a well trained dog. But, in the same way that owning a car requires some routine maintenance and upkeep, so does a professionally trained dog require your continued support and proper management. For folks who are willing to participate in their dog's continued education, our Board and Train option is exceptional. We do the hard part, and you reap the benefits. Let Robert train your dog while it comes for a visit to DarnFar Ranch. Your dog will receive ample exercise and play breaks along with extraordinary training, management and socialization. Upon pick-up, the complete training methods will be explained to you. Your dog's training skills will be demonstrated and we will make certain that you can handle your dog, and that he willingly takes the commands from you, prior to your departure. That's the most important part! Your pick-up appointment will last approximately three to four hours and we won't send you home until you tell us that you understand the methods and we see that your dog will take direction from you. At the end of two weeks of professional training with Robert, most dogs will have the expertise of dogs that attend an 8 week Obedience class with their owners, many will be well beyond that level of training. They will also have experienced impeccable management and comprehensive socialization which is not possible for dogs attending a Beginner Obedience class. Follow-up training sessions are available (in your home or here at the ranch), but are very rarely necessary. This training option requires a level of commitment on the part of the owner to continue the training once the dog returns home, but is highly successful if appropriately managed. Make the commitment to become your dog's leader. If everyone had the presence and skills to be their dog's respected leader, there would be no need for our service. It's very important to understand that a dog's behavior is almost always a direct reflection of how he feels about his relationship with his humans. Our Board and Train program will help your dog become more centered, calm and relaxed. It will also make him much more obedient and happy to comply and follow your leadership. However, if he goes home to the same unbalanced environment he came from, he will not stay content very long. Choosing our Board & Train program must come with the commitment that you will practice leadership with your dog on a daily basis. You may rely upon our exceptional instruction to help you achieve that goal.

Classes: One Day Workshop

Many dog owners worry that they simply do not have the time to take their dog to an 8 or 12 week class, or their schedules do not coincide with lesson times. Some do not have the resources to take advantage of our highly successful Board & Train option. We have developed a one day workshop that covers all of the most frequently used commands like sit, down, stay, heel and come as well as typical manners issues like waiting at the door, jumping up and going after things like food or small animals (the "leave it" exercise). And, you can count on us to help you establish very high standards of behavior for your dog which will result in reliable responses to the commands, even in the presence of distractions.

New Puppy Consultations

For new puppy owners who want to get a jump start on training their puppy, this 90-minute consultation and training session provides lots of information on house breaking, manners, management and training techniques. The New Puppy Consultation option is a life saver until your puppy is old enough to enter a Workshop or enroll in our very successful Board & Train option (both of which require the puppy to be at least 6 months old).

Private Instruction

This individualized, private session provides comprehensive, in- depth, invaluable information on dog socialization, psychology and training followed by hands-on training time with your dog. This "train in the real world" process will demonstrate how your dog can learn self-restraint even around fear or aggression provoking scenarios (such as a vacuum cleaner) or around cats or other dogs (which we can provide for the lesson!).

Telephone Consultation

"I would like to thank you for the housebreaking training information that I received Friday. Buddy is becoming housebroken, almost totally stopped his whining, and his behavior is calmer. He understands what he’s supposed to do and this is without treats, clickers, special sprays, or pet pads, etc. My home has become a relaxing place for the dogs and I. I was ready to give up. Wish I could advertise on billboards for your training here in California". Patty A. - Lomita, CA
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