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DarnFar Ranch LLC Professional Dog Training
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Telephone Consultation

Find it in writing

Prior to scheduling a telephone consultation, you may find the answer to you question on our Information Page (mobile devices select horizontal view to locate Information page). Included in that list is the most visited article page on Housebreaking.

Appropriate topics for the phone

Questions about choosing the right breed for your lifestyle are very easy to discuss over the phone. Management of a young puppy is also well suited to a conversation. Not every dog behavioral issue can, be properly resolved without seeing the dog in person. Aggression or serious anti-social behavioral issues are typically not suitable for this medium. If you are interested in seeking advice over the phone, please send an email with the following information: Name Dog’s Name, gender, age Top three issues you are struggling with send to Tammie@darnfar.com $45 for 30 minutes $65 for 45 minutes $80 for 60 minutes Payment is required in advance of the call, after the topic has been approved and the time for the call has been set.
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